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about rachel

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experience and specialities

I started my practice in 2016 with the goal of emphasizing our shared human experiences as a part of mental health. So often, I am contacted by someone looking to be "fixed." And just as often, the part that seems to need fixing is an understandable, human response to difficult circumstances and internal beliefs. After many years of having the privilege of hearing your stories, I can confidently say that although our lived experiences are different and diverse, there is a sense of connectedness and universality in our felt experiences. Because of my job, it felt like I was in on this secret: we are all messed up, but doing the best we can. We are all human.

This is one of the reasons I love my job. I am moved by the experience of witnessing the struggles and triumphs of daily life. The recognition of our shared humanity provides a grounding for meaningful and compassionate therapeutic work. 

I will not "fix" you. I will not tell you what to do. Or teach you how to be perfect and happy all the time. I will sit with you in your flawed, messy, contradictory, screwed up humanness. I will show and encourage compassion, while gently challenging patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you well. I will remind you it is not only okay to be human, but beautiful. 

In addition to private practice, I have provided mental health support in a variety of settings with diverse populations. Some of those experiences include community mental health, therapeutic preschool, intensive outpatient program- individual and group support, sexual assault crisis intervention and support, family violence criminal prosecution advocacy, middle school mental health counseling, and religious settings. 

My primary specialties are:


Gender expansive kids, teens, and young adults

Parent support, with particular training under 5

Family violence and abusive relationships

Entertainment Industry

Other areas of focus include:



Trauma and PTSD

Life transitions



Relationship issues

License and Education:

LCSW 103399

Master of Social Work:
University of Southern California

Bachelors in Psychology: Scripps College

about therapy with rachel

  • I am not a neutral, passive therapist. I talk, care loudly, and have opinions. Although your voice is centered, I am an active partner in our therapy sessions.

  • I swear. Sometimes a lot. Not with your kids! And not if you don't want me to. But it is my comfort zone. I share this in case you wonder if you need to be on "good behavior" in therapy. You don't. And shouldn't!

  • I will never ask you to accept or adjust to oppressive systems. Anger, hurt, outrage, or skepticism are reasonable reactions to systemic injustice and your emotional response will never be silenced in the name of "mental health." 

  • I welcome feedback and collaboration. You are the expert on you, and I work with you to determine the goals, pacing, and content of therapy. Although I might therapeutically "nudge," you will never be forced to share anything you don't feel comfortable discussing.

  • I will do everything in my power not to refer to your experience as a "journey." Sometimes it can't be helped, but know that if it slips out, it is with my utmost apologies.

  • Therapy memes are awesome.

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