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transgender and
expansive gender

I have had the honor of presenting, training, and speaking in a variety of settings with the goal of creating spaces of knowledge, affirmation, understanding, and welcoming.

school training and consulting

I offer an hour-long training geared toward educators which covers concepts of gender, developmental stages, and school considerations. It includes LAUSD policies, and simple scripts useful in adhering to them. I also consult to offer specific guidance, including transition support and creating an affirming campus. 

education in religious settings

A great deal of my advocacy work has taken place within church settings. With a goal of introductory education and encouraging acceptance and affirmation of all people, I offer a presentation specific to Christian congregations. I offer this presentation free to any religious setting interested in making space for this conversation. 

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parent classes

After years of talking to caregivers about the topics that make them feel unsteady, I created a class series tackling the most common subjects.

With an emphasis on connection and honesty, feel ready to talk with your child about:

  • Sex

  • Death

  • Race and racism

  • Diverse families and family structures

  • Alcohol and drugs

  • Bullying

  • Screen time safety (including addiction, porn, and contact with strangers)

  • Your custom topic

Click the link below to learn more about the length, logistics, and pricing of these popular classes.

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Click here for more information on hosting or attending a class.

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