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Kids ask a lot of questions. On a lot of topics. Sometimes we as parents are prepared to tackle these conversations, and sometimes we are caught unprepared, fumbling to arrange words into an answer. Sometimes we know what we want to say, but aren't sure of the best way. And sometimes, we just want to avoid the topic all together. I GET IT. 

After years of talking to caregivers about the topics that make them feel unsteady, I created a class tackling the most common subjects.

With an emphasis on connection and honesty, working through the lens of child development, these classes will help you feel ready to talk with your child about:

  • Sex

  • Death

  • Race and racism

  • Expansive gender and sexuality

  • Diverse families and family structures

  • Alcohol and drugs

  • Bullying and peer conflicts

  • Screen time safety (including addiction, porn, and contact with strangers)

  • Your custom topic

How does it work?

Each topic is a separate, stand-alone class. It is about an hour of information, followed by a half hour of questions. It also includes a handout with notes, developmental considerations, recommendations for further learning, and specific scripts to assist you.

There are two ways to book a class. 

1. Get together some friends and make it happen! Ideal size for interaction is 4-12 people, but larger crowds are okay too (get in touch to talk specifics). Classes can happen in person or via zoom.

Get in touch to schedule a class for your group:

2. Sign up to be notified when online classes are running. Once we have enough interest in a group, I'll send out information and sign-ups so you can attend. Fill out the form below to join the Don't Change the Subject class notification list:

Leave your info to be notified of upcoming classes:

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