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Families are complicated! Each person brings their own personality and perspective, and things can get off-balance and tense pretty fast. 

My role with each family changes depending on what brings them to seek support. However, what guides each session is a an emphasis on connection, individual respect, and shared family experiences. 

I also work with parents to support and empower them, as well as equip them with the tools they need to feel confident and successful doing the world's hardest job. 

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how can I help?

  • I work with families to process and adjust following a big change like a move or a divorce.

  • Grief and loss affect individuals as well as families, and working with a therapist can help give each grieving voice a chance to be heard. 

  • Behavior difficulties can make everyone grumpy and frustrated. I help families troubleshoot and get on the same team. 

  • Trauma affects the whole family, and recovery can come from whole-family healing. Support after a traumatic event, whether directly affecting one person or the whole family, can help everyone process and move toward safety.

  • Parents get asked a lot of questions, and sometimes there are no easy answers. Get consultation on how to have difficult conversations about illness, death, divorce, social equity, abuse, or conflict.

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